Unique Ideas for Gala Dinners in Bulgaria

In today’s event planner’s world demands and preferences change constantly. Clients are searching for new ideas for their events, for interesting concepts, unexplored destinations and memorable experiences for their gala dinners. At Insight Events Bulgaria we have come to believe that the choice of venue is probably number one in delivering all this to our clients.

In the course of our practice we have handled numerous functions at locations that you would not normally imagine for an event. Being one of the oldest countries in Europe, with historic sites and tons of restored buildings, Bulgaria gives endless choice of unique gala dinner locations.

Our team at Insight Events Bulgaria will share with you just a few ideas for organizing your next gala dinner in Bulgaria.


National History Museum, Sofia

Going Back in Time


Sofia’s biggest and most important museum is worth visiting if only for the

chance to walk around the residence of a former communist dictator. The museum is housed in one of the buildings used by Bulgaria’s Communist head of state Todor Zivkov and his entourage. Access here was heavily restricted and the area still holds a certain mystique for the locals. For obvious reasons, no Bulgarian over the age of 30 would call the building’s typical 1970’s architecture “beautiful”. However, to a visitor unscarred by the memory of Communism’s constant aesthetical offences, the wood carving, marble floors and wall mosaics would seem intriguing.

As catering venue The National History Museum offers the opportunity for a grand welcome reception followed by seated gala dinner in the so-called Sunny Hall, surrounded by gold and silver treasures, Thracian, Roman and Early Christian artifacts and exquisite exhibits dating back from 4000 BC.

The Museum is suitable for seated dinners for up to 130-150 guests.


Roman Amphitheatre, Plovdiv

Dinner With A View

Plovdiv’s magnificent 2nd-century-AD amphitheater is one of the world’s best-preserved ancient theatres, located in the city center of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It was built during the reign of Emperor Trajan, was only uncovered during a freak landslide in 1972. It once held about 6000 spectators. Now largely restored, it’s one of Bulgaria’s most magical venues, once again hosting large-scale special events and concerts.Our team at Insight Events Bulgaria will happily take you and your guests on this fairylike adventure by organizing your gala among the ancient ruins of this unique location. Despite its size, the amphitheater is suitable for more intimate gala dinners for up to 50-70 guests.



Ravadinovo Castle, Sozopol

In Love With The Wind

From first glance, the Ravadinovo Castle is made in the style of the classic Western European castles combining various styles from the Renaissance and Romantic periods – but this comes not to be true! The style of the Castle is one and only – a unique Fairy style. This is the secret of its magic impact – the dream that came true to make a castle existing only in fairy-tales. It was built completely of 20,000 tons of stone, which was specially extracted from the bowels of the earth in the Strandzha Mountain. According to the Geological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, these stones are aged about 227 to 247 millions of years. They contain traces of diamonds, which make the castle change its color – in the morning it has pink nuances, during the day it becomes white and at full moon – it glows.

The Ravadinovo Castle gives the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Gala dinners can be organized for up to 150-170 guests, depending on set up. Do not hesitate to turn to Insight Events Bulgaria for a full concept design of your gala event.


Sofia Event Center, Sofia

See The Future



Sofia Event Center – SEC is a unique multifunctional hall with no equivalent in Bulgaria. The hall was conceived and designed by leading experts in the field of organizing events and implementing the technical equipment.

SEC is suitable for all kinds of events – conferences, gala dinners and awards, ceremonies, fashion shows, chamber concerts, exhibitions, launch of new products, weddings, political events, TV and many other formats.

Combine outdoor cocktail with a fabulous gala dinner for up to 750 guests. At SEC you will see state of the art technical surroundings, 3D wall mapping and unique venue transformations, all contributing to your one-of-a-kind event experience.

This is just a glimpse of what Sofia and Bulgaria have to offer for your gala dinner. An ancient site or ultra-modern hall, an outdoor space or a restored factory, museum or gallery – you name it – we have it! The Insight Events team is experienced in thinking out of the box and will suggest the best option for your next unique event.