YNV Annual Company Summit

The client contacted us for assistance with the company’s first event of its kind, held in Bulgaria. The event was of great importance as it aimed to bring together all subsidiaries from several countries, with their CEOs and other high-ranking officials, presenting their results and development plans. As part of the conference, all guests participated in a team activity with a focus on personal accountability. With the assistance of the professional facilitators from In Your Hands, we organized a simulation in which the guests, divided into teams, had to build different parts of a bridge, which at the end they assembled into a complete structure.

On the second night, we organized a Gala Dinner, which was officially opened with an impressive dance performance by Ensemble Chinari. At the end of the event, guests were invited to participate in various casino games. Virtual winnings were redeemed as a donation at the company’s discretion.


Grand Hotel Millenium




January 10, 2024


Team activity / Simulation
Gala Dinner

animated shape